Street Art

After billionaire landlord Dan Gilbert commissioned a mural, less-legal works in Fairey's style began showing up around the city. Detroit's case against the artist brings gentrification's ironies into focus.
Sep 22, 2015   CityLab
A variety of unsanctioned urban art projects are scattered throughout Toronto, bringing life and energy to otherwise underused spaces.
Jul 28, 2011   The Toronto Star
This essay from <em>Pop Matters</em> explores the connection between street art and urbanism.
Apr 12, 2011   Pop Matters
<em>Urban Omnibus</em> talks with Swoon, a Brooklyn-based street artist whose work is intended to engage constructed environments.
Sep 9, 2010   Urban Omnibus
Are street artists inspired by the desire to improve their environment, or to comment on the banality of it?
May 11, 2010   This Big City