Overhead Wires

In a private preview in anticipation of the April 13 system opening, a lucky few got a first look at Dallas' new, battery-powered streetcar.
Mar 25, 2015   The Dallas Morning News
There are no emissions of pollutants or noise from these electric buses that receive power from overhead wires; but it's the wires that are viewed by some as visual pollution. Powered from the city's hydroelectric dam, they are truly carbon-free.
Dec 15, 2013   San Francisco Chronicle
At least 80 U.S. and Canadian cities have a streetcar system in the works or are considering it, says APTA. Julie Sneider at Progressive Railroading says transit manufacturers are seeing opportunity in those numbers.
Sep 13, 2011   Progressive Railroading
Washington D.C. is planning to build a citywide streetcar network, but the overhead wires required for those plans would affect the city's historic views.
Dec 23, 2010   NPR
Washington D.C. is moving forward with plans to construct streetcars in the city, but a law more than 100 years old banning overhead wires is threatening the progress of those plans.
Apr 20, 2010   The Washington Post