Photographer Colin Rich created this mesmerizing video of the endless urban fabric of Los Angeles at night.
Aug 4, 2011   Vimeo
This two-minute video features U.S. Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood discussing the merits of bicycling and bike friendly places as he and other DOT employees bike to work.
Jun 8, 2011   Vimeo
Cong. Earl Blumenauer and Mayor Adrian Fenty both turned out in biking gear at Bike to Work Day in Washington, D.C., along with 900 riders who committed to bike commuting on that day.
Jun 6, 2010   Vimeo
Filmmaker Keiichi Matsuda imagines a future where augmented reality is everywhere, blanketing the built environment with advertising and interactive elements.
May 7, 2010   Vimeo
The sidewalks of Portland are so busy that the city is developing plans to create 6'-8' Pedestrian Zones - basically, fast lanes for moving pedestrians separate from other street activities.
Mar 27, 2010   Vimeo