Architectural Criticism

An addiction to spectacle and fad, says Peter Buchanan, has set architecture adrift in a sea of meaningless forms. And real design problems go ignored.
Mar 20, 2015   The Architectural Review
Architecture critic Aaron Betsky provides a new take urban dystopia: bland and homogenous. The antidote, he argues, can be found on the edges.
Oct 9, 2014   Architect
Blog Post
Metropolis Magazine recently published a roundtable conversation featuring several notable writers, educators and critics addressing traditional, long-form architectural cri Blog Post
Sep 27, 2014   By Mark Hough
"Minimize description and maximize observation" were among the nuggets of advice delivered by Pulitzer Prize-winning critic Blair Kamin to a recent class of Harvard students eager to learn how to think and write like an activist critic.
Apr 10, 2013   Nieman Reports
The uncompromising writer, who pioneered the position of full-time architecture critic at an American newspaper, and exemplified the pinnacle of the profession for five decades, died on Monday.
Jan 8, 2013   The New York Times
As architecture and design observers bemoan what recent job moves mean for the future of mainstream architectural criticism, Vanessa Quirk sees reason to be optimistic.
Apr 10, 2012   ArchDaily
Matt Chaban explores the divided opinions on the work of the fairly new architecture critic for <em>The New York Times</em>, Michael Kimmelman, who some complain isn't writing enough about Architecture.
Mar 10, 2012   The New York Observer
A distinguished panel of architectural critics gathered this past week at the Center for Architecture, in New York, to discuss “Architectural Criticism Today.” Julie V. Iovine presents some choice excerpts from the two-hour conversation.
Mar 4, 2012   The Architect's Newspaper
Norman Weinstein reviews Alexandra Lange's new book on "Writing About Architecture", and finds a miraculous achievement.
Feb 5, 2012   ArchNewsNow
Norman Weinstein reviews Sorkin's new book <em>All Over the Map</em>. Sorkin, he says, is at his best when exposing the injustices of architecture.
Nov 11, 2011   ArchNewsNow
In response to a recent piece criticizing architecture critic Nicolai Ouroussoff, <em>Places Journal</em> Editor Nancy Levinson extends the criticism to the entire field, questioning whether its global scope is realistic.
Mar 12, 2010   Places Journal