Green-Collar Jobs

Emily Badger of The Atlantic Cities explores the economic and environmental advantages of refurbishing old buildings over constructing new ones.
Nov 8, 2011   The Atlantic Cities
A new conference that debuted in San Francisco this week is devoted to creating smarter, greener, and more prosperous cities for the future.
Feb 25, 2011   Fast Company
Mayor of Boston announces $300,000 to create green-collar jobs.
Jun 27, 2009   City of
The stimulus package promises to create new green jobs, but are they really the economic solution they're cracked up to be? This piece from <em>Slate</em> questions the common perception.
Mar 8, 2009   Slate
<p>A "green-collar job force" made up of low-income people is necessary to get those with fewer resources on the initially costly green living bandwagon, according to civil rights lawyer Van Jones.</p>
Apr 7, 2008   Good