Comprehensive Plans

Although growth in Union County outside of Charlotte has subsided, county officials aim to balance a legacy of unplanned growth with new opportunities for commercial development and countywide transportation.
Oct 27, 2014   Charlotte Observer
Mayor Michael Nutter believes that his administration leaves "a template for how future development unfolds in Philadelphia" as one of its legacies.
Oct 15, 2014   Philadelphia Inquirer
Palo Alto, one of the suburban cities at the center of the Silicon Valley tech boom, is considering a Comprehensive Plan Update. On the table for the Planning and Transportation Commission: a "net-zero" restriction for new vehicle trips.
Jul 13, 2014   Palo Alto Weekly
In this month's edition of its Planning Advisory Service (PAS) spotlight, the APA looks at the ways in which different communities are addressing homelessness in their comprehensive plans, and through other types of documents.
Oct 15, 2012   APA
Like many cities, Fort Collins, CO is cash-strapped, but its plans are no longer dominated by handling sprawl. With development pressure out of the picture, a democratic blueprint for connecting residents to culture as well as space has emerged.
Nov 20, 2011   The New York Times
The city of Pittsburgh is making progress on its first comprehensive plan. <em>Next American City</em> talks with Director of City Planning Noor Ismail about its process and potential impact.
Jan 18, 2011   Next American City
With more than 750,00 people expected to add on to the city's population over the next 30 years, officials and locals in Austin are trying to map out how the city should grow and change to handle the influx.
Sep 29, 2010   Austin American-Statesman
The city of Detroit is looking to create a comprehensive plan for rethinking the struggling city. <em>Next American City</em> talks with the officials heading the effort about the challenges they face.
Sep 9, 2010   Next American City
Detroit Mayor Dave Bing has officially announced the city's new 18-month policymaking process aimed at creating what his administration is calling the Detroit Strategic Framework Plan.
Aug 24, 2010   Next American City
Florida voters are facing an amendment this November that could dramatically reshape the way local planning occurs.
Feb 9, 2010   St. Petersburg Times