The cities that visitors see will always be different than the city that locals see. A new mapping project reveals the distinctions between the local perspective and the tourist perspective for 136 cities around the globe.
Feb 27, 2015   Huffington Post
The three geographers behind the Floating Sheep blog have created a world map of Internet references to zombies.
Jul 5, 2013   Atlantic Cities
An announcement last week indicates that Wikipedia will become the newest player in the increasingly competitive effort to connect virtual information with physical places.
Feb 5, 2013   The Atlantic Cities
John Pavlus reports on Eric Fischer's use of Twitter's geotagging feature to map the most highly trafficked thoroughfares in several cities. The results are fascinating, and beautiful.
Jan 25, 2012   Fast Company Co.Design
Gigaom looks at a handful of "augmented reality" apps, both current and projected, that create an interface between the internet and the world around us.
Feb 3, 2010   Gigaom