Automobile Dependency

Data show that cars are more effective than transit in providing poor people to jobs and economic opportunity. But does that mean transit systems are fundamentally inadequate or just currently inadequate?
Jun 6, 2014   The Daily Beast
Many advocates for new ways of thinking about places and streets argue for reduced use of cars as the dominant mode of transportation. A new study finds, however that poverty is improved when the poor have access to a car for transportation.
Apr 3, 2014   The Washington Post - Wonkblog
Last week the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace published a report, In Search of the Global Middle Class: A New Index, by researcher Uri Dadush, Opinion
Aug 23, 2012   By Todd Litman
Matthew Stevenson anticipates the end of the bicycle in China's major cities, now overrun with scooters and scrambling for Western status symbols – in spite of ever-worsening traffic.
Jun 26, 2012   New Geography
Planners strive to anticipate future needs, which sometimes creates self-fulfilling prophecies: by preparing for a situation we help cause it. This is particularly true of automobile Opinion
Apr 8, 2012   By Todd Litman
Our job as planners is ultimately to manage change, which is often fun but occasionally ugly. Opinion
Mar 24, 2011   By Todd Litman
Why are otherwise generous and smart people sometimes selfish and irrational?  Opinion
Oct 25, 2010   By Todd Litman
Feb 1, 2010   By Todd Litman