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Bus Lanes

Next month I will present a paper at the Thredbo International Conference on Land Passenger Transportation titled, When is a Bus Lane Warranted? It examines where dedicated bus lanes are justified ba Blog Post
Jul 17, 2015   By Todd Litman
Research suggests that transit subsidies produce minimal social value when combined with congestion pricing and dedicated bus lanes.
Mar 17, 2015   London School of Economics and Political Science - American Politics and Policy Blog
More changes are coming to Manhattan as auto-space yields to bus-space on First and Second Aves. Will transit users comply with the honor system as boarding will take place from all three doors? The lanes will be 'terra-cotta brown' without barrier.
Jun 8, 2010   The New York Times - N.Y. / Region
Long-held plans to build a bus rapid transit system connecting Oakland with nearby cities may also result in the creation of what some are calling the longest "complete street" in the state.
Jan 9, 2010   San Francisco Chronicle