Alternative Energy

An article surveys Lima, Ohio's long-term residents, politicians, and economy to weave a narrative tracing the ups and downs of the shrinking small town.
Oct 16, 2014   Rolling Stone
PBS' NOW goes to California to look at new state requirements for renewable energy, and the battle over where the new infrastructure will go.
Jan 21, 2009   NOW
Even as businesses across the spectrum are failing, the small alternative energy companies are seeing increased investment and a growing market.
Jan 18, 2009   The Wall St. Journal
The business of creating smart grid infrastructure- new electrical transmission systems that can monitor flow and incorporate solar and wind power- is growing, and companies are competing for attention. This report reviews the most important players.
Dec 29, 2008   Seeking Alpha
In this Mercury News Op-Ed, San Jose State University Professor Larry Gerston proposes this bold tax for mass transit and alternative energy programs. It yields $175 billion annually and creates green jobs, enabling us to determine our destiny.
Dec 10, 2008   Mercury News
The global economic crisis and rapidly dropping oil prices are spelling trouble for the alternative energy sector.
Nov 15, 2008   Globe and Mail
The new 'oil shock' is one of plummeting oil prices and its effect on alternative technologies and energy. Combined with the credit crisis, the fallout in some green technologies is shown by difficulties in attracting capital and customers.
Oct 22, 2008   The Washington Post
Small wind turbines have been installed around the country, from Logan Airport in Boston to rooftops in New York and California. But many wonder if the turbines generate enough electricity to make economic sense, especially in urban areas.
Sep 5, 2008   The New York Times
In August of 2006, an unknown Irish company called Steorn took out a full-page ad in The Economist to announce that they had created a magnetic technology that produced more energy than it used- essentially, a perpetual motion machine, the Holy Grail of energy. Opinion
Jun 24, 2008   By Tim Halbur
<p>Planners in Saskatchewan, Canada encouraged the Schewes to build solar panels on their roof and go off the grid. Then they okayed a home next door that overshadowed the Schewes. Do homeowners have a 'right to light'?</p>
Jun 14, 2008   Canwest News Service
<p>One of the hosts of Mythbusters turns his eye on new ideas for energy sources, from grape juice to used tires.</p>
Jun 5, 2008   Mother Jones