urban retail

Generalist Geoff Dyer delivers his walkability design tactics magnum opus on PlaceShakers. His years of practical experience are conveniently condensed for your consumption.
Mar 11, 2013   PlaceShakers
After several years of soul searching during the Great Recession, "conspicuous consumption has made a resounding return to Madison Avenue." But, as Eric Wilson discovered, a new Avenue has emerged.
Aug 21, 2012   The New York Times
With suburbia saturated, large retailers chase an urban market poised for growth.
Jul 26, 2012   The New York Times
Last week, a panel of retailers and developers discussed the challenges--and, ultimately, the keys to success--of urban retail. Susan Piperato reports.
Dec 10, 2011   National Real Estate Investor
How to Be A Retronaut features a smattering of photos of New York's unique storefronts, taken by photographers James and Karla Murray. Since the book's release, about a third of the stores have faded from existence.
May 16, 2011   How to Be a Retronaut
Rocco Pendola says chain stores are starting to adapt and move into downtown Los Angeles, following the population boom and setting a precedent for chain retail in downtowns across the U.S.
Mar 29, 2011   Seeking Alpha
The New York Times reports that retailers more used to selling aspirin and greeting cards are now offering more elaborate grocery options.
Jan 17, 2011   The New York Times
Market forces are reshaping the usual suburban format for many large-scale grocers.
Dec 1, 2009   New Urban News email