Bicycle Commuting

New data from the U.S. Census Bureau shows that college towns are even better at encouraging bicycle commuting than the most notable big cities (Portland, Seattle, etc); even when excluding commuting for school. What's their secret?
Nov 25, 2013
This video from the Wall St. Journal Online gives a first-hand look at the current bicycle culture in Beijing, and the variety of bike types available.
Aug 20, 2008   Wall St. Journal
A Vancouver company is importing Dutch city bicycles, and the relaxed commuting lifestyle that goes with them.
Aug 8, 2008   The Vancouver Sun
<p>In many cities across the U.S., commuters are taking to their bikes as gas prices climb. But as the Wall St. Journal reports, it takes guts to bike in Los Angeles, where bike lanes and racks are a rarity.</p>
Aug 4, 2008   Wall St. Journal
<p>Whether for exercise, eco-consciousness or necessity, a growing number of suburban New York commuters are using two wheels instead of four.</p>
Jul 29, 2008   The New York Times
<p>T.J. Kelly was finding it difficult to squeeze in exercise, and looking at his rising commute costs. A new co-worker helped him turn his commute into a workout.</p>
Jul 2, 2008   Wall St. Journal
Now that the weather in Los Angeles has gone from pleasant to perfect with the subtle advent of spring, I've been spending more time risking my life atop my bicycle as I wend my way to meetings and errands. As a faithful urbanist I have Opinion
Mar 26, 2008   By Josh Stephens