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An "independent urbanist" group in Indianapolis spearheaded an idea to take seats from the closing Bush Stadium minor league ballpark to be used as much-needed bus stop furniture.
Dec 18, 2011   The Urbanophile
Carol Coletta explains how improving education, lowering VMT and alleviating poverty by as little as 1% each could mean billions of dollars for cities.
Apr 7, 2010   The Urbanophile
Could Detroit turn its crumbling buildings into tourist attractions? The Urbanophile says there are worse ideas.
Mar 12, 2010   The Urbanophile
This essay from <em>The Urbanophile</em> looks at the economics behind greenfield development.
Feb 5, 2010   The Urbanophile
The Urbanophile attempts to separate the hype from the usefulness of the concept of the 'megaregion', deciding in the end that it is a 'convenient abstraction for federal-level thinkers.'
Dec 10, 2009   The Urbanophile
The Urbanophile reports from RailVolution in Boston, including a video interview with John Robert Smith, CEO of Reconnecting America.
Nov 7, 2009   The Urbanophile