If you're looking for the perfect Valentine's Day card for the planning enthusiast in your life, search no further. Five different Valentines show appreciation for cities and the people that live in them.
Feb 14, 2013   CEOs For Cities
The humor site Cracked takes a look at what happens when green technology backfires: melting houses, blinded jet pilots and buildings drowning in urine.
Sep 7, 2012
A new GM ad implies that bikes aren't a sexy mode of transport for college kids.
Oct 14, 2011   Grist
A sign pointing southbound travelers onto Business Highway 51 in Rothschild and Schofield bears an incorrect spelling for every word except "exit."
Aug 14, 2009   Wausau Daily Herald
For many students graduate school is the time to learn how to write professional reports and memos. One of the skills many planning students seem eager to master is writing the content-free document. This kind of writing is a little tricky to do. Accordingly, in this last blog in my series on Blog Post
May 26, 2009   By Ann Forsyth
Usually planners get involved in the allocation and details of creating both public and private spaces for groups of people engaged in a wide range of variety of activities. Blog Post
Jan 24, 2009   By Rick Abelson
Bert Sperling, who has earned recognition for his lists of "Best Places," responds to questions posed by the readers of the Freakonomics blog.
Oct 6, 2008   Freakonomics (Opinion) on The New York Times