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Photographer Alex MacLean talks about his book <em>OVER: The American Landscape at the Tipping Point.</em>
Oct 29, 2009   Northwest Hub
Cohousing, which is cooperatively-managed but independently-owned housing, is gaining popularity in the Northwest. A new cohousing project in Portland just opened its doors last weekend.
Oct 22, 2009   Northwest Hub
Avi Friedman has some ideas of how to make housing more affordable. He says that the focus is too much on the mortgage and subsidies side and not enough on lower building costs.
Oct 10, 2009   Northwest Hub
Office workers in Seattle's Pioneer Square area are claiming their network of alleyways as social spaces.
Oct 8, 2009   Northwest Hub
In the midst of an important debate in Washington, DC over the future of America's transportation funding, a report issued this month by the Government Accountability Office (GAO) identified several challenges facing regional transportation policy.
Oct 1, 2009   Northwest Hub
New public art projects are popping up across the Pacific Northwest. Some of Seattle’s traffic signal boxes are getting a makeover, as artists add decorative touches to them.
Sep 29, 2009   Northwest Hub
Last Friday was Park(ing) Day 2009, a growing movement where city parking spaces are transformed into miniature parks as a comment on public space (and the lack thereof). Here's a glimpse into Seattle's version.
Sep 22, 2009   Northwest Hub
Among other issues tackled by the noted New Urbanist during a recent speech, Duany said that the current form of public engagement is broken because it engages only the immediate neighbors.
Sep 17, 2009   Northwest Hub
Can you create a community with design? This is one of the questions raised at a panel hosted by Future Shack, a project sponsored by the Seattle AIA and The Seattle Times to reconsider residential architecture.
Sep 14, 2009   Northwest Hub