Streetsblog Los Angeles

A new project in the UK aimed at getting girls on bikes has yielded liberating results.
Dec 2, 2009   Streetsblog Los Angeles
In another unsurprising study, California's roads and highways are ranked nearly last, and said to be the worst in urban areas.
Nov 26, 2009   Streetsblog Los Angeles
On the heels of the fatal bridge collapse in Minnesota, last year, lawmakers allotted just 11 percent of transportation spending to bridge repair.
Nov 13, 2009   Streetsblog Los Angeles
Rep. Pete DeFazio's plan to close the nation's transportation funding gap with a tax on oil futures is meeting fierce opposition.
Nov 13, 2009   Streetsblog Los Angeles
California has finally begun to encourage insurance companies to offer "pay as you drive" (PAYD) insurance policies. The Natural Resources Defense Council says it's a half baked policy.
Oct 21, 2009   Streetsblog Los Angeles
A California judge rules that the California High Speed Rail Authority's environmental impact report was inadequate. Plaintiffs celebrate ruling as a victory, but the Authority doesn't see it as a setback.
Sep 4, 2009   Streetsblog Los Angeles