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Fanis Grammenos

The lack of adequate pedestrian behavior models means that designing for walkability has largely remained a matter of intuition. However, agent-based simulation can provide insight into the keys for creating pedestrian-friendly places. Exclusive
May 21, 2013  By Xiongbing Jin
Fanis Grammenos returns to the subject of urban form, this time to interrogate the connection between legibility and navigation. Exclusive
Aug 14, 2012  By Fanis Grammenos
With new research in hand, Fanis Grammenos revisits his analysis of the efficiency of the Simple Grid, and asks what, in fact, should be the preferred layout for a new neighbourhood. Exclusive
Feb 14, 2012  By Fanis Grammenos
Driving makes people fatter and less healthy, right? Fanis Grammenos warns planners and urban designers that the answer is not so simple, and misusing the statistics will weaken effective debate. Exclusive
Oct 13, 2011  By Fanis Grammenos
In a previous article, Fanis Grammenos challenged planners' assumptions about the superiority of the rigid street grid, exemplified by Portland, Oregon. Exclusive
Apr 14, 2011  By Fanis Grammenos
Athens, Greece has all the elements of good urbanism - density, diversity, destinations, distance (to transit) and design. So is Athens a poster child for good urbanism? Fanis Grammenos takes an in-depth look. Exclusive
Feb 10, 2011  By Fanis Grammenos
Is there an ideal model for a city's circulation, a "supermodel"? Fanis Grammenos reviews a new paper that proposes the use of organic forms first recognized by Christopher Alexander. Exclusive
Aug 9, 2010  By Fanis Grammenos
If we are "urbanists," does that mean we're anti-suburban? Or do choice and economics define our choices? Architect Fanis Grammenos reflects on his own history of shelter and the ideology of urbanism. Exclusive
Feb 18, 2010  By Fanis Grammenos
For American planners, Portland, OR is held up as a shining example of urban planning, and credit is given to its compact grid. But is Portland's grid worthy of adulation? Perhaps not, say Fanis Grammenos and Douglas Pollard of Urban Pattern Associates. Exclusive
Oct 19, 2009  By Fanis Grammenos
Duany Plater-Zyberk and Company was hired to turn a greenfield about 50 miles north of New Orleans into a 1,280-unit blend of town and rural living. In the process, they proposed a radical new way of looking at the street grid. Fanis Grammenos explains. Exclusive
Aug 24, 2009  By Fanis Grammenos