Rooftop Gardens

A new book by trained architect-turned photographer/pilot Alex MacLean captures the ironically suburban trappings of New York City's hidden rooftop world. <em>Web Urbanist</em> author Delana pens a review.
May 25, 2012   Web Urbanist
Alison Gregor highlights efforts by affordable housing developers to implement edible community gardens, bringing fresh food and neighborhood ties to inner-city tenants.
Apr 16, 2012   The New York Times
Rich Calder reports on Brooklyn's newest urban-garden-in-an-industrial-park, and the environmental benefits it will offer.
Mar 25, 2012   New York Post
This video from <em>Reuters</em> looks at a new rooftop garden in Brooklyn. Covering 6,000 square feet, the flourishing garden provides fresh produce to local restaurants.
Aug 21, 2009   Reuters (on-line)