Could it be that places for the dead might be a new source of urban innovation? Austin provides an example of new thinking regarding urban resting places.
Mar 5, 2015   Next City
Vincent Marcello intended to build a swimming pool in his backyard, which is built on top of the city's oldest burial grounds. 15 coffins have been excavated so far.
Nov 22, 2011   The Times-Picayune
Aaron Hanauer and Colleen Ayers explain that the "rural cemeteries", a form that began in the early 19th century, used to be a popular place for family outings. With land in cities at a premium, could they be so again?
Sep 19, 2011   On The Commons
America's first public parks were cemeteries. But over time, they've moved from the center of town to the edges. A new book looks at the history of these places of the dead.
Mar 18, 2011   The Atlantic
No, it's not a teen zombie movie -- a skate park planned for Miami is causing an uproar because of its proposed location, adjacent to the historic Miami Cemetery.
Sep 5, 2010   The Miami Herald
In crowded New York City, finding a final resting place in one of the city's cemeteries is becoming increasingly difficult and expensive. Other major cities are facing the same crunch.
Aug 16, 2010   The New York Times
The Olinger Crown Hill Cemetery in Wheat Ridge, Colorado is trying to lighten up what is typically a somber setting by scheduling concerts and other cultural events at the graveyard.
Jun 9, 2010   The Denver Post
In a discussion about how graveyards fit into new forms of urbanism, James Howard Kunstler predicts that city planning departments are not long for this world.
Mar 20, 2009   Whistling Past the Graveyard
A researcher of weird roadside attractions stumbled onto an unusual clash of land uses - cemeteries wedged into parking lots. Here's a collection of photos.
Jan 30, 2009   Roadside Resort
<p>Burial space has already run out on Nantucket Island, but Massachusetts law requires burial spaces for anyone dying within town limits. Now officials are scrambling to find a place for their dead to go.</p>
Mar 15, 2008   The Nantucket Independent
<p>A proposal to stack millions of concrete blocks containing ashes of the deceased in a gigantic pyramid in Germany is attracting proposals from architects -- and some skepticism.</p>
Mar 14, 2008   BBC