A pair of large winter storms hit California this week, providing a sorely needed, if incremental, reprieve from an ongoing and historic drought. A new twitter account, @LosAngelesRain has personified that rarest of commodities, rain in Los Angeles.
Feb 28, 2014   KPCC
China's mega-dam, the Three Gorges, is facing some growing pains as recent storms have put the structure to the test.
Aug 17, 2010   Los Angeles Times
To celebrate the Republic of China's 60th anniversary, a huge party was planned. A huge effort was also undertaken to scientifically make sure no bad weather would spoil the event.
Oct 4, 2009   The New York Times
The Sahara desert is becoming increasingly green, according to satellite imagery -- which scientists are attributing to rising temperatures associated with global climate change.
Aug 4, 2009   National Geographic