Economic Evaluation

Planners are professional do-gooders. Our job is to improve the world by helping decision-makers choose optimal solutions. Specifically, we develop analysis frameworks that define problems and goals, and evaluate potential improvements. Opinion
Jan 1, 2013   By Todd Litman
I spent last week at the Asian Development Bank (ADB) headquarters in Manila, in the Philippines, where we are starting on an exciting but humbling project: developing a more comprehensive framework for transport project evaluation. Among o Opinion
Jan 17, 2011   By Todd Litman
Jun 14, 2010   By Todd Litman
Apr 15, 2010   By Todd Litman
The current U.S. healthcare reform proposal is often described as costing a trillion dollars. That will make it difficult to pass. However, the same program could legitimately be described as costing residents just cents per day (or, “less than a cup of coffee”), which would enhance its chance of success (a trillion dollars over ten years is $100 billion annually, about $320 annually per capita, or less than $1 per day, which can legitimately be called “cents per day”). Opinion
Jul 27, 2009   By Todd Litman