Amanda Hurley explores the gender imbalance present among women in architecture and the "male-dominated world" of development, and questions the societal and biological justifications that many argue are determinants for choosing professional roles.
Sep 19, 2012   Architect Magazine
In the third year Forbes has compiled the list, the new data factors included in this year's survey bumped New York City off the list and moved Buffalo into the top spot out of 50 metropolitan areas.
Oct 13, 2011   Forbes
The fall is high season for school visits from prospective students. I am a great believer in doing this remotely-while some greenhouse gases are generated by a Google search it is far less than a plane ride to a distant campus. I suggest visiting schools only after you have been admitted Opinion
Oct 6, 2009   By Ann Forsyth
Finding a first full-time "real" job in planning seems a daunting task at present. However, cities are growing, infrastructure is being funded, and there will be jobs for planners. The following tips can help one navigate the market. Be prepared to go to Kansas. By this I Opinion
Mar 7, 2009   By Ann Forsyth
U.S. News and World Report picks Urban Regional Planner as one of thirty careers 'that offer strong outlooks and high job satisfaction.' Architects, on the other hand, are 'overrated'.
Dec 16, 2008   U.S. News And World Report
At the beginning of semester students are signing up for classes and planning their degrees. Lately, a question I have been asked quite frequently is which classes will make new planners most employable? Students ask if computer aided design or GIS will be key. However, surveys of planning Opinion
Aug 31, 2008   By Ann Forsyth