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The Trust for Public Land’s Center for City Park Excellence released a report placing the value of San Francisco's park system at $959 million.
Jan 7, 2015   City Parks Blog
A string of connected parks laced through cities has been a vision of city planners since the days of Olmsted. Ben Welle of the Center for City Park Excellence has some ideas how that that vision can be implemented today.
Mar 19, 2010   City Parks Blog
Parks and trails can be used to create low carbon cities.
Dec 13, 2009   City Parks Blog
A new report issued by The Trust for Public Land details the park and recreation system acres and facilities of the nation's largest 77 cities. The report shows that Americans are flocking to their city parks more in a down economy.
Aug 19, 2009   City Parks Blog
Cities can expand transit service areas by providing convenient access by bike.
Jul 15, 2009   City Parks Blog