The affordability crisis and congestion are just two of the signs of the dominance of cities in the economic recovery, according to an article in the Washington Post. In fact, outside of cities, it doesn't look much like a recovery at all.
Nov 19, 2014   The Washington Post
The following post will likely result in the revocation of my Philadelphia residency. Blog Post
Oct 30, 2008   By Jeffrey Barg
Historically, green initiatives come about as responses to energy crises, but are abandoned when oil prices drop and the economy busts. This time around, though, that's less likely to happen.
Oct 29, 2008   NPR
The next president must commit to fixing our infrastructure, says Dave Demerjian of Wired. Such an investment will create jobs, strengthen our economy and make America more competitive.
Oct 24, 2008
Home prices are falling across the country, but there are signs that they're not done falling yet.
Oct 20, 2008   The New York Times
Texas cities top a ranking by Forbes of where your dollar goes the farthest. Affordable housing and promising job prospects made a big difference.
Oct 18, 2008   Forbes
In this piece from <em>Citiwire</em>, Jonathan D. Miller argues that infrastructure and the economy are not islands. Improving the nation's infrastructure, he says, will improve the economy.
Oct 5, 2008   Citiwire
Almost a month into planning school, I can see the profession's all about improvisation. How do you think on your feet when a client doesn't like your design? What other cities can you turn to when a sudden mandate comes down to look for policy innovation? Blog Post
Oct 1, 2008   By Jeffrey Barg
If we can bail out the investment industry, we should be able to bail out our failing infrastructure, according to this column from Neal Peirce.
Sep 29, 2008   Citiwire
Greenwich, Connecticut is a rich enclave of hedge fund managers- and thus is feeling the pain of the current financial crisis like a ton of bricks. Ned Lamont, a Greenwich resident who ran for Senate in 2006, says, 'This is our Katrina.'
Sep 27, 2008   The Wall St. Journal
Foreclosures and economic hardships have caused a proliferation of tent cities across the U.S.
Sep 21, 2008   Associated Press