After adopting the Clearview font in 2004, ending the Highway Gothic in use since the 1960s, the U.S. Federal Highway Administration reversed course in January and will again require the older font. This small change matter a great deal.
6 days ago   CityLab
The Supreme Court, in two separate opinions, unanimously ruled on June 18 against an Arizona town's sign regulation that denied the placement of a street sign based on its content. At question was a sign directing passers-by to a church service.
Jun 26, 2015   The Washington Post
A case study in integrating form-based and street graphic approaches into the sign code, provided by the city of Lacey, Washington.
Jun 5, 2015   MRSC Insight
There are other ways to grab attention, even if you don't have the cash to spend on a giant sign that says T-R-U-M-P above the Chicago River.
Jun 27, 2014   BuzzFeed
Chuck Wolfe traces the comeback of sandwich board signage in cities, explains how associated regulations work, and offers reasons why such signage should be carefully fostered.
Feb 24, 2012   The Atlantic Cities
A Colorado man has put up a sign warning potential buyers about activities that occur at his house.
Oct 13, 2011   The Denver Post via 9 News
Seattle is considering a new policy that will allow companies to place large signs atop buildings downtown. It's part of an effort to lure companies downtown, but many locals are outraged.
Dec 22, 2010   NPR
Slate looks at the history and importance of signage and wayfinding design.
Mar 8, 2010
A proposal to create a new outdoor advertising district in San Francisco has some locals anticipating a retail revival, while others dread the possible billboard blight.
Oct 16, 2009   San Francisco Chronicle
Could smoke rising from a barbeque pit be considered a sign, and thus be controlled under sign regulations? Zoning officials in East Berlin, PA say yes.
Sep 29, 2009   The Evening Sun (Hanover
Metropolis Magazine interviews David Gibson about his new book, <em>The Way­finding Handbook: Information Design for Public Places.</em>
May 19, 2009   Metropolis Magazine