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City Budgets

In need of 80 additional employees to keep up with the city's pothole repair deficit, Mayor Rah Emanuel is proposing that the city raise taxes parking.
Oct 15, 2014   Chicago Sun-Times - Politics
A new report from The National League of Cities shows that declining property and sales income is impacting city coffers, resulting in layoffs and cuts to construction projects.
Sep 1, 2009   The Wall St. Journal
A new HVAC system for a building in Minnesota that was expected to meet high environmental standards was going to come in at almost three times its originally estimated costs. So city officials are delaying.
Aug 29, 2009   Minneapolis-St.Paul Star Tribune
As city budgets tighten, streetlights are getting the ax in an effort to save money.
Aug 28, 2009   USA Today
Tight budgets are causing cities across the country to skip fireworks displays for their Fourth of July celebrations.
Jun 29, 2009   Los Angeles Times