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A longtime colony for independent spirits in the California desert, Slab City may soon face mass eviction. A potential response by the community has its denizens divided.
Mar 28, 2015   New York Times
Recent events in the southern India town of Hampi, recognized as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, expose the struggle to balance the needs of historical tourist sites and those who make their livelihood from them, writes Rachel Proctor May.
Aug 19, 2012   The Global Urbanist
With more than 100,000 empty homes within the city of Detroit, squatters are increasingly moving in.
Aug 25, 2011   The Detroit News
As housing costs rise and supplies dwindle in Caracas, more than 2500 squatters have occupied a downtown skyscraper.
Mar 2, 2011   The New York Times
Between 2,000 and 3,000 people have taken over the Grande Hotel in Beira, Mozambique, and turned it into a small community of squatters.
Feb 11, 2011   CNN
In this piece, Stewart Brand argues that squatter cities will grow greatly over the next few decades, and the world will be better because of it.
Jan 11, 2011   What Matters
This article from <em>The Prospect</em> looks at slums and squatter cities. Author Stewart Brand, editor of the Whole Earth Catalog, calls them "unexpectedly green".
Feb 24, 2010   Prospect
The Brazilian government has just approved a measure that would grants legal land rights to squatters in the Amazon.
Jun 28, 2009   Guardian