Convention Centers

As Seattle’s Convention Center expansion moves forward, community members want the public benefit discussion to focus on a new downtown park over I-5.
Dec 14, 2015   Capitol Hill Seattle Blog
Four major cities in Texas are either considering or constructing convention center upgrades.
Nov 25, 2015   Community Impact Newspaper
New renderings for Populous & HMC Architects winning proposal give a close-up look at the new-and-improved Los Angeles Convention Center.
Jun 20, 2015   Urbanize LA
In anticipation of the 2017 Super Bowl, Houston First Corp. is seeking approval of a project to improve the city's convention center and “reshape the once-moribund East End of downtown into a dynamic new focal point of the city.”
Feb 4, 2014   The Houston Chronicle
With the convention industry still hobbled by the effects of the recession, and a glut of convention space across America hungering for events, cities are going to extreme lengths to attract the expected injections to their local economies.
Oct 15, 2012   The Wall Street Journal
As cities across America continue to pour public funds into limited use venues in their downtowns, <em>American Dirt</em> looks at why such venues, and convention centers in particular, refuse to engage with their surrounding streets or neighborhood.
Jul 27, 2012   American Dirt
Despite a dramatic decline in the number of, and attendance at, conventions nationwide, cities across America are investing their limited resources in building and upgrading convention centers. Fred A. Bernstein explores the irony.
May 16, 2012   Architectural Record
Plans to build a football stadium in downtown Los Angeles hinge on more than football. A major element in making the idea work financially for the city is to make it an attractive site for conventions and conferences.
Mar 18, 2011   Los Angeles Times
Houston Rodeo is actually hurting some businesses around Reliant Center.
Mar 16, 2010   KUHF Houston Public Radio
Robert Campbell argues that Boston's planned expansion of the convention center should be mixed-use and urban in nature.
Dec 23, 2009   The Boston Globe
In this article from <em>Next American City</em>, Josh Stephens looks at the role convention centers play in cities, the high hopes cities have for them, and the often poor returns they offer.
Jun 24, 2009   Next American City