Michael A. Harper, FAICP worked over 32 years as a public sector planning manager. During that time, he used paid and unpaid interns extensively. Harper's article focuses on the many ways to effectively engage interns and use their talents.
Feb 3, 2013   The Western Planner
Many students are understandably worried about getting a job once they graduate. The slow economy has made this more difficult and also changed some of the parameters in terms of approach and timing. For example, many employers are Blog Post
Aug 21, 2012   By Ann Forsyth
It's winter break for many northern hemisphere planning students so time to start planning for next summer's internship. I have previously Blog Post
Dec 18, 2011   By Ann Forsyth
Recently I've had a number of undergraduate students ask how to make the most of internships-over the semester and in the breaks. The following represents some advice for current students. Blog Post
Sep 11, 2011   By Ann Forsyth
It's Thursday! Sounds like a perfect day to quit your job. Blog Post
Jun 18, 2009   By Jeffrey Barg