Supporters call a new Dallas ordinance banning protests near freeways a “pro-safety” measure rather than an “anti-protest” measure.
Jan 23, 2014   Dallas News
A new high-tech system from New Zealand will be installed on L.A.'s 110 freeway, which will feature sensors that will know when traffic slows and open an alternate lane automatically.
Aug 2, 2009   Los Angeles Times
Here in San Diego, public transportation is on life support.  Despite record ridership, trolley and bus service has been reduced, with some bus routes cancelled altogether.  Fares are up across the board.  The monthly light rail pass will be $72; three years ago it was $60. Blog Post
Apr 14, 2009   By Diana DeRubertis
Researchers are teaming up with Boston community members to study how living close to freeways can be harmful to residents' health.
Apr 14, 2009   The Boston Globe
Charlotte politicians have been pushing for the completion of a freeway loop around the city -- a $220 million project. Mary Newsom argues that road funding would better serve the city and the region if it were directed to Charlotte's transit system.
Apr 4, 2009   The Naked City
<em>Next American City</em> takes a look at freeways and sees the end coming -- for some, anyway.
Nov 2, 2008   Next American City
After speeding construction by using county toll revenues, a 23-mile long, 18-lane freeway has opened in Texas.
Oct 31, 2008   The Houston Chronicle
The Congress for the New Urbanism has released a list of the top ten urban freeways that need to be torn down.
Sep 23, 2008   Congress For New Urbanism
<p>State County and city officials revealed eight new options for dealing with Seattle's Alaskan Way Viaduct, a damaged double-decker inner city freeway.</p>
Jun 30, 2008   The Seattle Post-Intelligencer
<p>A year after a new freeway was completed in Southern California, traffic data shows increased use. Officials plan to widen the freeway to handle the increased load.</p>
Jun 24, 2008   The San Bernardino Sun
<p>Sydney Mayor Clover Moore has suggested that the road be demolished, and a recent report from planning experts indicates the plan would not bring the city's traffic to a halt.</p>
Apr 2, 2008   The Sydney Morning Herald