Urban Fold

Middle East

At the center of ongoing protests and uproar in the Middle East, iconic and historical public spaces hold political clout.
May 20, 2011   Time Magazine
Overcrowding and pollution in Cairo have inspired planners to push out into the desert, raising two brand-new cities out of the sand.
Aug 26, 2010   The New York Times
Rami Khouri of the Issam Fares Institute for Public Policy and International Affairs notes the unprecedented phenomenon of the "instant" cities of the Persian Gulf which, for all their wealth, lack civil societies.
Sep 3, 2008   The Globe and Mail
<p>Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority used to slap motorists with heavy fines for ridesharing. Faced with exploding population growth and 8 million tourists a year, officials have changed their tune.</p>
May 22, 2008   The National, Abu Dhabi