Gregory K. Ingram

Informal settlements - unregulated, makeshift housing - create substantial safety and health risks in Latin American countries. While clearing of settlements is not a solution, letting them be is not an option. Gregory K. Ingram suggests that regularizing programs combined with upgrading assistance can be effective means of improving conditions. Exclusive
Jun 20, 2011  By Gregory K. Ingram
As cities in developing countries expand, is smart growth the right approach? The conclusions of a new report by the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy may surprise you. Exclusive
Mar 6, 2011  By Gregory K. Ingram
The Lincoln Institute of Land Policy spent two years looking at smart growth policies in a number of states to see how well they've achieved their goals. Gregory K. Ingram, President of the Institute, explains the results. Exclusive
Jun 8, 2009  By Gregory K. Ingram