Retail Development

The Minneapolis area yields two case studies of troubled sites, home to big box retailers, finally rejoining the community.
Nov 21, 2015   MinnPost
While a number of mega retail developers crashed and burned during the recession, some smaller developers have thrived.
Nov 6, 2009   Retail Traffic Magazine
Retailers like Best Buy, Kohl's and Apple evidently think the market is looking up, and are planning to open new stores. But, Retail Traffic Magazine reports, retailers are going to be a lot pickier about site selection this time around.
Sep 20, 2009   Retail Traffic Magazine
In Philadelphia, a number of palatial restaurants have closed due to the bad economy. In their place, several more intimate, neighborhood places have popped up.
Aug 31, 2009   Philadelphia Inquirer
A competition to design the shopping mall of the future produces some surprisingly non-futuristic results, according to juror and commentator Allison Arieff.
Jun 6, 2009   The New York Times