Ever wish your nearby park could follow you throughout the city, providing open space wherever you might be? An artist and landscape architect have created Parkcycle Swarm, a modular system of 'human powered mobile gardens'.
Sep 2, 2013   THE DIRT
A new public plaza is being built in Washington D.C., and this rundown from <em>The Dirt</em> highlights its people-focused design.
May 7, 2011   THE DIRT
Joyce Lee discusses NYC's Active Design Guidelines and how they address the relationship between urban form and public health.
Apr 25, 2011   THE DIRT
NYC is reusing materials from a construction site in Queens to redesign the area's streetscape with pedestrian safety in mind.
Mar 9, 2011   THE DIRT
The city of lakes ironically gets a redesigned riverfront, as was unveiled by the city's Park and Recreation Board. Click for more and the video of the winning design.
Mar 9, 2011   THE DIRT
<em>The Dirt</em> interviewed Jamie Lerner, an architect, designer, and former Mayor/Governor from Brazil who is credited with introducing the world's first BRT system in Curitiba, Brazil.
Mar 7, 2011   THE DIRT
Are greenfield developments designed with sustainability in mind or already-built metropolises better for the environment and the people?
Mar 1, 2011   THE DIRT
Spain's third largest city has chosen the winning design for a new urban park that is to sit atop nine rail lines, potentially creating the most important redevelopment project the country has seen in many years.
Feb 16, 2011   THE DIRT
Peter Calthorpe, author of "Urbanism in the Age of Climate Change," speaks about his new book and the role of landscape architecture and new urbanism in the twenty-first century.
Feb 10, 2011   THE DIRT
Bus rapid transit is growing in popularity throughout the world, though implementation is lacking in the U.S.
Feb 4, 2011   THE DIRT
New York City Transportation Commissioner Janette Sadik-Khan, Congressman Earl Blumenauer, and rock star David Byrne recently offered their thoughts on making cities more bike friendly.
Dec 11, 2009   THE DIRT