The ideas and desires contributing to the creation of this post are explained in detail by the inaugural "music about places" post, published last year. Blog Post
Jan 22, 2016   By James Brasuell
<em>The Polis Blog</em> presents a huge list of "urban favorites" -- songs, movies, initiatives and places that explain or highlight the best of the world's urban areas.
Jan 15, 2011   The Polis Blog
  Musician David Byrne, formerly the leader of theband Talking Heads and now an advocate of bike-friendly urban planning, remarked in a recent interview : Blog Post
Dec 9, 2010   By Abhijeet Chavan
It depends on your criteria, says Aaron M. Renn. A golden age of accessibility and consumption? Yes. But is it better to be in an era of plenty, or an era of creation and discovery?
Sep 27, 2010   The Urbanophile
Finnish architect Tuomas Toivonen has just released an album of urbanism- and architecture-themed rap songs.
Sep 21, 2010   City Of Sound
The new album by Arcade Fire is themed around suburban sprawl, offering an interesting commentary on city planning and development.
Aug 19, 2010   SPUR Urbanist
Due to its pounding beat and often sexual themes, funk music has been banned from Carnival by the mayor of a small Brazilian town.
Feb 12, 2010   Reuters
Geoff Manaugh of <em>BLDGBLOG</em> joins WFMU's DJ/Rupture as a guest selecter, offering some musical picks and discussion about the architecture of sound -- and the sound of architecture.
Dec 16, 2009   WFMU
This chart from the Martin Prosperity Institute at the University of Toronto looks at North America's musical epicenters -- cities where the most music is produced.
Nov 17, 2009   Creative Class Exchange
Here's another way to rank your city- the Society of American Travel Writers surveyed their members on the Top 10 cities to see live music. New Orleans comes in over Austin, home of the famed SXSW festival.
Sep 8, 2009   Society of American Travel Writers
On my way to work this morning, I was listening to an interview with the band Blitzen Trapper on my iPod. Blog Post
Jun 18, 2009   By Tim Halbur