Infrastructure Bank

It's certainly not a new idea - what's new is the current bipartisan Senate bill, cutely abbreviated as the BRIDGE Act, seeded with $10 billion of federal funds that would attract funds from the private sector to be loaned to worthy projects.
Nov 17, 2013   The Hill's Transportation and Infrastructure Blog
The European Investment Bank raised $80 billion for projects last year alone. Should the Obama’s proposed program adopt a similar model?
Oct 11, 2010   Streetsblog
Columnist Neal Peirce throws his weight behind the Obama Infrastructure Bank proposal.
Sep 21, 2010   Citiwire
<em>National Journal</em> asks its panel of transportation experts to weigh in on the $50 billion infrastructure bank plan recently announced by President Barack Obama.
Sep 14, 2010   National Journal
The newest U.S. stimulus proposal is aimed at improving infrastructure but could go farther, says Jonna McKone from
Sep 10, 2010   TheCityFix
The <em>Los Angeles Times</em> is standing behind President Barack Obama's recently announced infrastructure bank proposal, but not just because it could boost transit in L.A.
Sep 9, 2010   Los Angeles Times
The Obama Administration is including a $4 billion plan to create a national infrastructure bank as part of its 2011 federal budget proposal.
Feb 2, 2010   The New York Times
In a recent interview with newspaper columnists, President Barack Obama spent some time discussing the idea of a national infrastructure bank and the chances of one taking shape.
Feb 20, 2009   The Washington Post
According to sources in Europe, the Obama Administration has sought advice from European Union officials about emulating the EU's infrastructure bank.
Jan 28, 2009   The Independent
<p>All indicators show that America's infrastructure -- from roads to bridges to sewers to airports -- is in dire need of investment and repair. Can a National Infrastructure Bank make the difference?</p>
Mar 2, 2008   Campaign for America's Future