In an opinion piece for The Wall Street Journal, James Piereson and Naomi Schaefer Riley argue that its time for educational institutions to pay their fare share of taxes to support the communities in which they reside.
Aug 21, 2013   The Wall Street Journal
<p>Bruce Fisher laments Buffalo's decades-old decision to put their university campus outside of town, missing the lesson that "eds and meds" are central to the prosperity of a city.</p>
Jun 23, 2008   ArtVoice
<p>Students in Ohio State University's City and Regional Planning department worked closely with the Franklinton neighborhood in Columbus to create a new vision for the community.</p>
Jun 1, 2008   Columbus Alive
<p>This article from <em>Governing</em> looks at the role of higher education and medical facilities in keeping urban areas alive.</p>
May 14, 2008   Governing
<p>Universities across the country are reviving their connections to their host cities, participating in urban renewal projects and investing in their cities' futures.</p>
Mar 11, 2008   The Columbian
<p>Universities are embracing their interrelationships with their cities, sparking a flurry of university-led urban development projects.</p>
Feb 28, 2008   The Wall Street Journal