medical marijuana

A new medical marijuana industry has been on hold in Florida, but permit processing can now begin following a court decision this week that upheld newly-developed regulations.
Jun 1, 2015   Orlando Sentinel
In Los Angeles, Proposition D has done its job over the past two years, putting a damper on new medical marijuana shops and dispensaries. Meanwhile, California inches toward decriminalization.
Apr 29, 2015   Next City
In tiny Myrtletown, California, the Hummingbird Healing Center is arguing that it doesn't need a conditional use permit to sell weed. The county does not agree.
Jul 17, 2010   Eureka Times Standard
Potential legalization of marijuana presents California cities the chance to do a different type of 'greening.' Josh Stephens reports on the land use challenges of regulating California's most lucrative crop. Exclusive
Jun 28, 2010  By Josh Stephens
Like many cities in California, San Diego is struggling to form a policy around the booming medical marijuana dispensaries that have popped up around the city. The first place they're starting is with land use restrictions.
Dec 14, 2009   KPBS
"Don't Bogart That Joint, My Friend" Lyrics: Lawrence Wagner Music: Elliot Ingber (on the soundtrack of "Easy Rider") Chorus Don't bogart that joint my friend Pass it over to me Don't bogart that joint my friend Pass it over to me Roll another one Just like the other one You've been holding on to it And I sure will like a hit [chorus] Roll another one Just like the other one That one's burned to the end Come on and be a real friend [chorus] Marijuana is prescribed for certain medical conditions, such as pain relief, control of nausea and vomiting, and appetite stimulation. Since 1996, at least 13 states have legalized the sale of medical marijuana. Now, check your zoning regulations and see what districts allow this land use: "Retail Sales – Medical Marijuana." Couldn't find it, right? Blog Post
Nov 2, 2009   By Dwight Merriam
The <em>Los Angeles Times</em> has mapped the city's medical marijuana dispensaries, and found many that fall within a proposed buffer that would keep the outlets away from schools, parks and libraries.
Sep 12, 2009   Los Angeles Times
Medical marijuana dispensaries are in high supply in Los Angeles. But without zoning regulations to determine where they should and should not go, the dispensaries are causing some concerns from locals.
Jul 29, 2009   KCET
With growing concern over safety, Chico, CA, is considering creating new zoning restrictions to control where medical marijuana can be grown.
May 15, 2009