Fixing America

PBS program "Need to Know" recently ran a segment on "Fixing America" where they asked a handful of big thinkers how to fix America. They invited regular people to send in their ideas, and have a follow up with answers from the public.

One viewer wrote that America should build a "high-speed monorail" connecting all the state capitals. PBS asked Petra Todorovich, director of America 2050, to respond:

"High-speed rail is a great idea to connect the major cities of our nation's megaregions. Our country is going to add 100 million additional people by 2050, and yet we have no infrastructure plan or growth strategy to accomodate those people."

Watch the full episode. See more Need To Know.

Another viewer suggests that America needs to rebuild its manufacturing economy.

Thanks to Jeanne Park

Full Story: Fixing America: Infrastructure, Afghanistan and the Economy


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