Obama Seeks More Census Power

President Barack Obama is seeking greater control over the 2010 Census. This opinion piece from The Wall Street Journal looks at what it could mean for the upcoming count.

"The decision was made last week after California Rep. Barbara Lee, chair of the Congressional Black Caucus, and Hispanic groups complained to the White House that Judd Gregg, the Republican senator from New Hampshire slated to head Commerce, couldn't be trusted to conduct a complete Census. The National Association of Latino Officials said it had 'serious questions about his willingness to ensure that the 2010 Census produces the most accurate possible count.'"

"Anything that threatens the integrity of the Census has profound implications. Not only is it the basis for congressional redistricting, it provides the raw data by which government spending is allocated on everything from roads to schools. The Bureau of Labor Statistics also uses the Census to prepare the economic data that so much of business relies upon. 'If the original numbers aren't as hard as possible, the uses they're put to get fuzzier and fuzzier,' says Bruce Chapman, who was director of the Census in the 1980s."

Full Story: Why Obama Wants Control of the Census



200 Census

**** the President.
He better get his butt out of Census power issues before he really screws up the Judicial system, by catalyzing multiple lawsuits.
If the Census Bureau gives a good effort, and people of all walks of life 'including aliens are not counted somewhere, that's tuff.
too bad.
No using fudge factors to adjust the Census.
Like some early Baby Boomers used to say at a drag race,
ya run what ya brung!

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