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Indianapolis: A Downtown Revitalization Success Story

Using public-private partnerships, the city has successfully attracted new housing and commercial development to its core.

"It's hard to find a city of close to a million population where its core area is being revitalized as much as Indianapolis.

As a result, many cities across the country are looking to Indianapolis as a downtown renewal model.

It's easy to see why. In the past 15 years, Indianapolis has invested more than $6 billion of public and private funds in a host of downtown projects. More development is on the way -- again through public and private partnerships -- since an additional $3.2 billion in construction and renovation efforts are on the drawing board.

By the time these projects are completed in 2110, the cumulative downtown investments spanning 20 years should surpass the $9 billion mark. These investments have involved a host of wide-ranging projects -- the likes of new shopping, restaurant, cultural and entertainment facilities, new and extensive business locations and relocations, high-end hotel projects, classic sporting venues, plus all-important living units. There's also a downtown convention center that's expanding to meet a growing need."

Full Story: Indianapolis is model for downtown renovation



Michael Lewyn's picture

not impressive

The story focuses primarily on how much government spends on downtown- not on the ultimate results.

The story does state: "Some 1,500 residential units -- condos, houses and apartments -- totaling nearly $348 million will be completed by 2010." But it doesn't tell us how many people live in downtown Indianapolis already. If the downtown is increasing from zero households to 1500, that just means it is rising from terrible to mediocre.

There are about 30,000

There are about 30,000 people living in downtown Indianapolis this year. They are trying to get that number to 40,000 asap.

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