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Gavin Mueller writes a withering critique of the forces behind gentrification, and the liberal justifications that allow poverty and racism to persist.
29 min ago   Jacobin
A recent survey of the Initiative on Global Markets Economic Experts Panel found clear and broad support for the economic benefits of transportation network companies.
1 hour ago   The Initiative on Global Markets
Scott Beyer argues that more compact, vertically-oriented cities, like Seattle, San Francisco, Chicago, and Washington D.C., should sell the air rights above public projects.
16 hours ago   Governing
Looking for a mapping tool that makes it easy to reference news about which agencies are buying what kind of rolling stock and when?
17 hours ago   Next City
The American Public Transportation Association's Director of Policy Development and Research responds to Eric Jaffe's question: "If So Many People Support Transit, Why Do So Few Ride?"
18 hours ago   American Public Transportation Association (APTA)
An op-ed column by Dana M. Lerner, a New Yorker whose 9-year-old son was struck and killed by taxi while crossing the street earlier this year, explains the legal precedent that lets drivers get away with murder.
19 hours ago   New York Times
AT&T is predicting a growth market for wholesale customer relationships with car manufacturers.
20 hours ago   Atlanta Business Chronicle
Emily Alpert Reyes reports that Los Angeles has overturned a long-standing requirement for its skyscrapers to have flat roofs to accommodate the fire department's helicopters in the event of an emergency.
21 hours ago   Los Angeles Times
On September 16, California's newest bicycle law went into effect, the "Three Feet for Safety Act" law. However, most motorists are unaware of it. Maybe a new sign will help.
22 hours ago   San Jose Mercury News
Greek orators, current solution-based efforts, and 25 photographs remind us of the central role of human opportunity in the urban environment.
23 hours ago   The Huffington Post
A column by Reihan Salam takes exception to Joel Kotkin's recent portrayal of "anti-suburban conservatives."
Yesterday   National Review Online