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Planners can use building codes and design review to protect city apartments from internal and external sources of noise. Blog Post
9 min ago   By Linda Day
Recent floods in Texas, especially prevalent in Houston, reflects a stormwater infrastructure that both worked as its designed and in need of improvements.
1 hour ago   Houston Chronicle
The Plaza can behave as the community living room. Why is this so hard to get right in post-WWII U.S.?
2 hours ago   PlaceShakers
Washington D.C. must wrap up its consideration of the 2015 International Building Code by July. Adoption of the IBC could enable new types of density in the nation's capital.
3 hours ago   Greater Greater Washington
A lawsuit filed by Missouri state legislators finds fault with a plan to extend bond funding from the city's last NFL stadium project to help finance a new $985 million stadium located north of downtown along the city's waterfront.
4 hours ago   St. Louis Post-Dispatch
The state of North Carolina joins the roster of states working with the private sector to invest in highway infrastructure around growing urban areas.
5 hours ago   Infra Insight
As General Manager of the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California, Jeff Kightlinger is a veteran of the states' wet and dry cycles.
6 hours ago   VerdeXchange News
A newly opened section of the Chicago Riverwalk lets the public get up close and personal with the Chicago River. And there's more to come.
7 hours ago   Chi.Streetsblog
Amid growing skepticism, an international gathering examines the useful benefits for an age of critical urban challenges. Exclusive
8 hours ago  By Michael Mehaffy
Biology Professor Paul Ehrlich's 1968 book, "The Population Bomb," took America and the world by storm. The apocalyptic vision based of population outgrowing its resources appeared to make inherent sense.
9 hours ago   The New York Times - Retro Report
Blog Post
How do you collect public comments on a web-based PDF planning document? It should be simple. But it isn't. Blog Post
Yesterday   By Chris Steins