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The current shale boom can't last forever. A new report says it will end much sooner that the federal government realizes.
7 min ago   CleanTechnica
Maryland and Wisconsin will not ask voters to raise taxes for transportation, but will ask them to adopt constitutional restrictions to ensure gas tax funds are not diverted for other purposes. Louisiana hopes to create an infrastructure bank.
2 hours ago   Governing
The Living New Deal Project Map from the University of California, Berkeley was released earlier this month, pinpointing all of the New Deal projects around the United States.
17 hours ago   Vox
Dan Reed examines the Green Line in Minneapolis near the campus of the University of Minnesota as a case study of how transit can improve streets.
18 hours ago   Greater Greater Washington
Interested in tracing the development of everything from urban bike lanes to national parks to rocket test sites?
19 hours ago   CityLab
Under construction and expected to launch service in Fall 2015, the Kanasas City Streetcar will provide frequent service in Downtown Kansas City.
20 hours ago   The Kansas City Star
In an effort to conserve water and prevent the expensive water importation in the future, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti recently published a new directive for city-wide water conservation.
21 hours ago   Los Angeles Mayor
Ben Adler of Grist writes how falling oil prices will affect climate change. Cheaper gas prices may encourage more driving and more truck sales at the expense of hybrid, electric, and fuel efficient cars, but the news may not be all bad.
22 hours ago   Grist
The biennial California Statewide Local Streets and Roads Needs Assessment survey found a $78.3 billion funding shortfall over the next 10 years.
23 hours ago   PublicCEO
Tom Sanchez and Nader Afzalan explore the age old question, "what is planning?" in their new report published earlier this week.
Yesterday   Tom Sanchez
The legalization (or illegalization) process of Uber throughout the country allows city governments to leverage a data exchange with the company, but too many municipalities are passing up this momentous opportunity.
Yesterday   The Washington Post