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The community was long known as predominantly Greek and Italian, but tensions existed with the African-American community. As whites moved to the suburbs, they were replaced with a "poly-glot mix" without the tensions. Next challenge: gentrification.
9 min ago   NPR Code Switch
National tables from the 2013 American Household Survey (AHS) are now public. Blog Post
1 hour ago   By Michael Lewyn
While widespread urban farming remains pipe dream in the United States, dwindling arable land and a mass shift to cities might make it a necessity in China.
2 hours ago   designboom
In a district now comprised entirely of charter schools, many New Orleans children face hour-plus journeys. This makes for increased stress on low-income families and a potential rise in chronic absenteeism.
3 hours ago   Pacific Standard
Despite threats like online retail, upscale sectors of the mall market are prospering. This is good news for what are, perhaps, the only walkable 'streets' in some parts of the country.
4 hours ago   CityLab
On the ground, combating gentrification means putting a stop to cost-driven displacement and evictions. Grassroots organizations in some of the hardest-hit cities have dedicated themselves to that task.
5 hours ago   Next City
Once the subway's pride, R-32 'Brightliner' trains that operate on the C line will soon disappear from service. Mid-century promo videos notwithstanding, the line's rolling stock was in dire need of an update.
6 hours ago   WNYC: Transportation Nation
Practicing urbanist and USC professor Vinayak Bharne examines the legacy of a progressive zoning code over the two decades since its adoption. Exclusive
7 hours ago  By Vinayak Bharne
The "Cities: Skylines" city-building simulation game enters the scene long dominated by SimCity.
22 hours ago   Greater Greater Washington
A transformative project is in the works for the South End neighborhood of Downtown Memphis.
23 hours ago   The Daily News (Memphis)
The thing of legend will come to pass: the TriMet Portland-Milwaukie light rail construction project is expected for delivery on time and between $10 and $40 million under budget.
Yesterday   Progressive Railroading