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We've known for some time that it would be difficult to rein in the automobile once the country's obsession had taken hold. Footage from a news special aired in 1965 offers historic perspective.
29 min ago   nextSTL
A proposed BRT route between Palo Alto and San Jose is the latest to hit a setback.
1 hour ago   Palo Alto Online
We would do well to withhold our praise of another seemingly new composite index such as the Social Progress Index.
2 hours ago   Thriving Cities Blog
The sudden collapse of the coal industry has been as swift as it has been shocking.
3 hours ago   Billings Gazette
Greater Cleveland Habitat for Humanity has already been hard at work renovating homes and improving communities, with an ambitious goal to renovate 100 more homes in the next three years.
4 hours ago
Strong Towns completes another year of its critique of parking policies, brought to retail districts all over the country on the biggest shopping day of the year: Black Friday.
5 hours ago   Strong Towns
The Wall Street Journal reports that a deal is very near—maybe Monday—for a 6-year transportation reauthorization bill with funding for not three years, as both the House and Senate bills include, but five.
6 hours ago   The Wall Street Journal - Politics
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Whether gentrification is common depends on how one defines it. Blog Post
7 hours ago   By Michael Lewyn
Talk about bringing power to the people: eight regional governments in California are in various stages of adopting "community choice" utilities to buy power from the grid in the hopes of cleaning up their energy portfolio.
22 hours ago   San Jose Mercury News
Paul Krugman, one of the most influential voices of liberal policy in the United States, has identified a culprit in the U.S. affordability crisis: over-regulation.
23 hours ago   The New York Times
With a light rail network now reaching 60 miles, the Portland region is ready to explore its next regional transit options.
Yesterday   The Oregonian