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Why are so many shops closing in New York's richest and best-known neighborhoods?
6 hours ago   The New Yorker
There are neighborhoods where residents are concerned about new developments raising prices, and there are neighborhoods where residents are concerned about new developments lowering home values. Toronto is currently dealing with the latter.
7 hours ago   Toronto Star
The improving economy will allow planners and city officials to expand work on the Atlanta BeltLine.
8 hours ago   SaportaReport
A proposed plan to connect Chattanooga and Atlanta via high-speed rail, 17 years in the making, appears to be dead in the water. Chattanooga will now turn its attentions to a possible light rail system.
9 hours ago   Chattanooga Times Free Press
The Portsmouth Bypass will provide Ohio's first test case of public-private partnership on a major transportation project. As such, the news about the project's ballooning costs could have been better.
10 hours ago   The Columbus Dispatch
The Denver Post reports that a forgotten corner of Denver is showing signs of recovery from the foreclosure crisis.
11 hours ago   The Denver Post
As Detroit's efforts to stabilize its neighborhoods progress, valuable lessons and trends are emerging. One particularly bright spot was recently revealed: fewer homes are in need of demolition than originally thought.
12 hours ago   Next Ciy
In addition to record travel this Memorial Day, the U.S. DOT reports that March broke the record for the most vehicle miles traveled (VMT). Gas prices, though rising since late March, are predicted to drop and remain low through the end of 2015.
13 hours ago   The New York Times - Energy & Environment
Most cities in the United States tax land according to what an owner builds on it. That's great if you're an owner, but lousy if you're a city that wants something cool built on it. The solution: tax it according to what an owner can build on it.
14 hours ago   Slate
A potential public-private partnership would add a third bridge into Cape Cod.
15 hours ago   The Boston Globe
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In Vancouver, British Columbia, dramatic reductions in automobile travel and resulting benefits demonstrate that integrated TDM and smart growth policies can help create cities that are healthy, wealthy, and wise. Blog Post
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