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You are surrounded by parking lots and pavement so vast you can see the curvature of the Earth.
20 min ago   Better Cities & Towns
Questions are emerging about the funding equation for an ambitious $1 billion proposal to improve 11 miles of the Los Angeles River through some of the most urban parts of the city.
Yesterday   Los Angeles Times
A new study finds that the first decade of the 21st century exhibited a mass migration—of U.S. jobs moving farther away from where U.S. residents live.
Yesterday   Brookings Institution
Some state legislators in Texas are declaring "mission accomplished" and moving to freeze the state's Renewable Energy Credit program.
Yesterday   The Dallas Morning News
A New York magazine article examines the idea of the mile-high skyscraper. Once imagined by Frank Lloyd Wright but impossible to build, the idea is not science fiction anymore.
Yesterday   New York Magazine
New technology could open a new era of independence for blind and visually impaired residents of communities everywhere.
Yesterday   Urbanful
City officials in Seattle have proposed a levy on property owners that would finance an integrated approach to transportation infrastructure improvements.
Yesterday   Crosscut
Two academic researchers explain the planning and landscape architecture opportunities offered by the "dramatic fluctuations" and "emergent shorelands" of the Great Lakes Coasts.
Yesterday   Places Journal
In a private preview in anticipation of the April 13 system opening, a lucky few got a first look at Dallas' new, battery-powered streetcar.
Yesterday   The Dallas Morning News
Thanks to a $3 million anonymous donation, San Francisco has built a first-of-its kind temporary shelter that will welcome homeless campers along with their belongings and pets.
Yesterday   The Wall Street Journal - U.S. News
The LEED green building rating system doesn't acknowledge lumber from the state of Georgia as sustainable, so one state lawmaker suggests throwing out LEED altogether. Critics call it throwing the baby out with the bathwater.
2 days ago   WABE