Central Park: Perfect Location for an Airport?

The Manhattan Airport Foundation is lobbying to turn Central Park (yes, that Central Park) into an airport. The web is a twitter, and the MAF's elaborate designs are very funny. Aren't they? They're not really serious?

"We learn from Curbed that environmentalists are agog at the idea of converting Central Park in New York into a new airport. And why not? look at all the fuel that will be saved on trips to and from Kennedy and LaGuardia. And after Sully's Glider got knocked out of the sky by Canada Geese, it is perfectly obvious that if you have too much green space these things breed unsustainably. Isn't it better to kill two birds with one stone, so to speak, and turn Central Park into a fabulous new airport?"

Full Story: Environmentalists Agog about Airport in Central Park



gotta be kidding

Someone please tell me this is a joke. please?

Yes, it's a joke...

UK's Daily Mail has a good summary of the hoax:

Same with US News & World Report:

Good one, Planetizen! You almost had us fooled!

A Twitter

"The web is a twitter"

I hope you mean "the web is atwitter." Definition of "atwitter": Being in a state of nervous excitement.

"The web is a twitter" sounds like it means that the web is changing its rules so only brief tweets are allowed.

Charles Siegel

This has to be a joke...

Apart from the obvious planning horrors, there is no way the FAA would approve a new airport this close to noise-sensitive land uses with so many penetrations of Part 77 imaginary surfaces.

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