Controversial Florida Growth Management Bill Spurs Call for Veto

A bill that would allow exurban development before adequate transportation infrastructure is in place has caused a stir in Florida, where environmental groups are lobbying the governor for a veto.

"The bill would promote urban sprawl, cause traffic congestion and contribute to climate change, said Charles Pattison, president of the environmental group, 1000 Friends of Florida, in a letter to Crist.

The bill, CS/CS/SB 360, would exempt many outlying as well as urban areas from a requirement to have adequate roads and other transportation necessities in place before development can occur."

"...The measure 'was botched up in the House of Representatives' and sports 'a giant loophole' that is contrary to smart-growth principles, according to Charles Lee, director of advocacy for the nonprofit environmental organization, Audubon of Florida.

Bennett, who worked closely on the bill's text with state growth management officials, originally had the support of many environmentalists. But once the measure got a workover on its trip through the House, it earned the enmity of some of its original backers."

Full Story: Crist urged to veto growth management bill



whats the big deal?

I don't understand what all the fuss is about? That's the way business is always done where I live. In Kelowna, B.C., Canada it's build, build, build and our city council and planners don't give a hoot if the roadways can handle the traffic or not. Come visit Kelowna this summer where your holidays will be spent sitting in your car on Highway 97.

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